short film

Set in Los Angeles during Reconstruction, a producer of silent films, starring African Americans in leading roles, decides to take matters into his own hands when he is denied a distribution deal from Lincoln Motion Picture Company.
Official Selection:
Cannes Film Festival (2017, Short Film Corner)

2017 | PG | 5 min


CAST:  Napoleon Douglas, Kim Estes, Ashar Baker, Anika McFall


PRODUCER: Valentino Misino

Director's Statement:

Born in Metropolis, Illinois, Oscar Micheaux is legendary in the film community largely because he is considered to be the first Black feature length filmmaker. He wrote and produced his first feature in 1918 and despite numerous struggles and setbacks went on to produce over 44 feature length films between the years of 1918-1948.

I decided to write and direct a short about Oscar because I am passionate about his struggle and quest to get his first silent film distributed despite obstacles and numerous setbacks. Micheaux wrote, directed and produced during a time when lynching was paramount and  successfully transitioned to talkies at a time when Hollywood studios were buying out independent theaters.

My feature film is in development on Oscar Micheaux and I am continuing my journey with this short film to  help  raise awareness about the feature film.

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