certified covid 19 compliance offficer


JD Walker, PH.D. / Certified CCO 

                 Specializing in Narrative Fiction (Features and Shorts),

                            Multicam / Single Cam TV,  & Commercials

Are you in need of a reliable and certified Covid 19 Compliance Officer (CCO) for your TV or Film Production?

I am a certified Covid 19 Officer via Health Education Services, Ltd and Safe Sets International and a member of the Producers Guild of America. I have over 15 years of production experience, am willing to travel,and would love to work on your production. 


  • Lead Safety Meetings, establishing best practices and protocols for filming safely in a pandemic
  • Ensure that your cast and crew feels safe and inspired on set
  • Create a smooth workflow for cast and crew check-in and screenings
  • Develop and distribute covid questions
  • Administer temperature checks   
  • Alleviate any health concerns 
  • Suggest recommendations for each zoned area on set
  • Monitor essential cast and crew
  • Provide logistical support to crafty and all department heads
  • Help your production to mitigate risk
  • Keep detailed and confidential records of everyone entering and leaving set
  • Consult with production about how to safely shoot in unique spaces
  • Provide guidelines for social distancing 
  • Share resources for best practices for filming in a pandemic

Feel free to email me to chat further. 

Filming an informercial for a high end client. Green zone :-)

                                                                   Filming a feature for a network. 

Filming a commercial. 

Feature Film Production for an awesome crew.

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